Countdown to the Grand Opening - VIP Red Carpet Gala Friday, June 14, 2013 @ 4 p.m.

Admission to the Romanian Heritage Festival's park

will grant access to all shows and entertainment,

games & festival's facilities.



FREE Admission  > children under 12 


Discounted Admission   > ages 12-17 & senior citizens (65 or over)

$ 6 /day  or  $ 9 for both days


Regular Admission  > ages 17- 65

$ 12/day or $ 18 for both days 




There is ample FREE PARKING for all our guests

on the parking lots of nearby properties.


Main parking area is at Howard Street and Caldwell Ave (south-west corner).

Additional parking is available on the industrial property with access from Caldwell Avenue,

just north of the festival grounds.

Please follow the directions and large signs

posted at the intersection of Caldwell Avenue and Howard Street.

There will be no parking for any guests on the property of A-American Flooring Plaza.

This lot will be reserved for patrons of the businesses opened.


Parking rules will be strictly enforced by our Security staff and Niles Police Department. 

Any violations will result in immediate ticketing and/or towing!


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